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Guidelines and Conditions

GeneStroke Objectives :


The consortium GeneStroke main objective the study of the genetic component of stroke . To develop these studies established that the association consortium of groups interested in the genetics of stroke is critical. This states that it is necessary association with interest groups in this field and willing cooperation.


Likewise GeneStroke is a free swap space data and ideas between research groups . The idea of ​​the consortium is to allow more interaction between research groups in the stroke . This will organize regular meetings between the different participating members. A meeting will be set fixed at the annual meeting of the Spanish Society of Neurology (SEN ) in Barcelona in mid- November each . During further meetings were agreed by the other participants.


1. Members of the consortium: A consortium member is entitled to participate and collaborate with other members of the consortium. All centers participating in the consortium are part of the scientific committee of the consortium. Any member can enter a committee or working group when they are formed. The obligations of the members are establishing collaborations with proposals open to all members of the consortium. Comply with the provisions of the proposal and in the publications policy established in the proposal.


1.1.  Any research group DNA samples of patients with stroke and controls with the intention to participate and collaborate in genetic studies in stroke is likely to be a member. Please send an e- mail or some other way to contact the people responsible for coordination: Israel Fernandez-Cadenas and / or Jordi Jimenez Conde (, which indicate the fact want to participate in the consortium.

1.2. The research groups that do not have genetic material but have the willingness to collect this material will also be included prospectively . These types of groups will be recommended a series of protocols for the collection, storage and processing of the samples according to the previously established model which is hanging on the consortium website (

1.3. The research groups that have no possibility of genetic material and can also take part to get considering that may be useful to other members of the consortium by other collaborations as genotyping, data analysis, etc.


2. Projects: Any group can make a proposal to develop a project. It filled a standardized and sent to those responsible for this process: Jordi Jimenez-Conde and Israel Fernández-Cadenas. The proposal will be circulated to all members of the consortium and will be posted on our website ( ). Stakeholders will contact the promoter group procedures regarding shipping both samples, type of collaboration, such as standards for the publication of results.


2.1. Once published the study, can be accessed online (on the part of the web intranet ) to the data of the study to all participants of the project.

2.2. The consortium has no responsibility in the publication of studies of each project.

2.3. The group project sponsor will be responsible for the study group, who is responsible for coordination, analysis and publication of the study. This group will have the responsibility to seek agreement among the members of the project for the publication of rules resulting articles.


3. Scientific Group : Each participating center will have a member of your group in the scientific committee. The scientific committee is to evaluate projects proposed guidelines, specifically the suitability of them in order to help the project. As guidelines will also assess joint project proposals to be submitted to FIS type or MEC scholarships or other .


Scientific group members are:

Ana Luque, Hospital de Bellvitge.

Sergi Martínez, Hospital de Sant Pau.

Jurek Krupinski, Hospital Mutua de Terrassa.

Juan Arenillas, Hospital of Valladolid.

Jordi Jimenez Conde, Hospital del Mar.

Marimar Freijó, Basurto Hospital.

Juan Iniesta, Hospital Reina Sofía.

Victor Obach, Hospital Clínic.

Israel Fernandez, Hospital Vall d' Hebron.

Estíbaliz Goyenechea, Hospital Donostia.


4. Group coordinator: The functions of the coordinating group will be the administration and organization of the consortium. The coordinating group is composed of members of the Hospital Mutua de Terrassa, Hospital del Mar and Hospital Vall d' Hebron. Is responsible for the organization of meetings, web page maintenance and distribution of information to the other members of the consortium.

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