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A multidisciplinary group based in Clinical Neurology Services at Hospital del Mar in Barcelona, that has worked for years in the field of Cerebrovascular Pathology Research.

​Located in the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB), we belong to the Municipal Institute of Medical Research (IMIM), where we form part of the Research Program in Inflammatory and Cardiovascular Disorders (RICAD). NEUVAS has also been part of HERACLES Network research node since 2006.

​Our place within the PRBB in conjunction with our link to Clinical Neurology Service at the Hospital del Mar give us the capacity to bring together the theoretical, epidemiological, and technical perspectives of biomedical research with application and daily practice in health care.


The Neurobiología del Institut d’Invesitgació Sanitària de Palma (IdISPa) is amultidisplinar group consisting of clinical and basic researchers, led by Dr. Cristofol Vives- Bauza.


The main objective of the group is to decode the molecular mechanisms involved in ischemic region recovery, for the purpose to identify prognostic markers of functional recovery, and new therapies sensitive to pharmacological intervention. After stroke, different physiological processes are activated to repair the damaged area: in one hand, it is necessary revascularization, to provide oxygen and trophic factors, angiogenesis, in the other hand, the neurogenesi, neuritogenesis and synaptogenesis activation, in order to recover the damaged in neural tissue with new cells, neural projections and neuronal interaction. In the IdISPa Neurobiology group, we are studying molecular mechanisms that regulate these processes. We have samples of selected patients from Vascular Neurology Hospital Universitari Son Espases ( HUSE ).

Neurovascular Pharmacogenomic and Genetics


The Neurovascular Pharmacogenomics and Genetics laboratory was founded in January 2013 and its located in the Fundació Docència i Recerca Mútua Terrassa. 


The group is made up of Dr.Israel Fernandez, head of the group, Elena Muiño, Natalia Cullell, Nuria Torres, Jara Cárcel, Jonathan González with close collaboration with Dr. Jurek Krupinski,  from Mutua de Terrassa Hospital, Caty Carrera and Dr.Joan Montaner from Vall Hebron Research Institut. In 2014 the laboratory published 9 papers with an averaged Impact Factor of 8.6 and was able to realize a nationwide patent. The research lines are wide from genetic factors of stroke to pharmacogenomic studies. Some researchs are:

-Genetic risk factors in ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke.

-Pharmacogenomics of stroke.

​-Epigenetics in stroke.

-Genetic factors related to post-stroke neurological outcome.

-CADASIL disease.


Neurovascular Research Lab 

Neurovascular Research Lab was created in 2001 focused in stroke research from a basic and translational point of view. Dr. Joan Montaner directed the creation of the lab and nowadays is composed by a young and highly motivated group of researchers: neurologists, biologists, technicians, veterinarians, graduates in statistics, psychologists and nurses.

The research we are carrying out in our lab is reflected in the number of published articles in high impact factor publications and the attendance and presentation of our work in international congresses as the American Stroke Conference or the European Stroke Conference, among others.

The Work in our lab is divided into four lines of research:

Biomarkers, Prevention, Neurorepair and Amyloid

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