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GeneStroke Services.


For more information on any of these services, please contact GeneStroke using the contact form.

Samples Storage: BioBank


The Spanish Stroke Genetics consortium will have its own storage facility of DNA samples.


The objectives of this service are:


- To provide storage space to all groups, with a fast and convenient computerized management of the samples, which meets quality standards.

- To optimize the efforts of organization and management of samples from different groups of the consortium, allowing common, unitary and rapid answer to multicollaborative major projects in which the consortium intends to participate. In any case, each group has the power to decide whether to participate or not in any project.

DNA extraction


The consortium offers DNA extraction services. The different groups can benefit from special conditions offered only to the members of the consortium.


The options available are:

- Simple extraction: in this case, the DNA is sent back to the centre that requested the service

- Extraction and Storage: the DNA extracted is stored in the consortium storage facility

- Extraction and Partial Storage: part of the DNA extracted is returned to the applicant and part is stored in the consortium storage facility

Help and Support


The groups of the consortium can contact the advisory board, in order to get information and help about anything, but in particular:


- Technical support for DNA extraction and sample handling.

- Methodological and ethical/legal support.

- Statistical and data analysis support.

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