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The Consortium

The GeneStroke groups are focused on identifying the genetic markers implicated in stroke. Some of the projects that the consortium will perform include comparisons of genetic variants between ischemic stroke cases and controls in different populations, functional studies of the genes involved, epigenetic and pharmacogenomic analyses, development of statistical tools for data mining, promotion of international collaborations, etc…


The GeneStroke participants, data producers, data users and funders of the different projects are interested in sharing their results with the community. However, in order to protect the interest of the data producers and to allow them to receive recognition for their work, initial analyses will be published before giving access freely to the data. Moreover, authors who wish to use data from the project must acknowledge the GeneStroke consortium in their manuscripts. Once the data released, we will also ask the users to manage carefully data and act responsible, by giving the data producers time to publish their analyses first and by respecting research ethics.


It should be noted that the GeneStroke project does not take responsibility for the analysis and interpretation of data that has not been published by the Consortium.

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